Multi-vendor Marketplace For Lazada, Shopee, Qoo10


The choice of a multi-vendor software supplier may be a crucial success element for active brands and salespeople in different markets. You might face inventory, order, and product synchronization problems across your sales channels by selecting the wrong multi-vendor software supplier.

You may take advantage of a single management console to pick the correct multi-vendor software provider and you do not have to hop into the multiple sale center interfaces in order to calculate inventory and process orders and handle your product listings.

It’s a wonderful method to assist a new company start or to extend the brand of existing companies.

What Is Multi-Vendor Marketplace?

A multi-selling market is a multi-vendor internet shop. The marketplace feature makes any online store like the famous Shopee Lazada Qoo10 an online marketplace. Selling and finding customers is easy. There is a large selection of goods that are updated and deployed continuously.

The presence of numerous independent vendors is a distinguishing aspect of such a shop. Sales, paperwork – invoices, and delivery control may be carried out and managed. Everything is done using a single control panel.

Why is the Multi-Vendor Marketplace Important?

The online marketplace is a multi-vendor platform where numerous vendors may register themselves, establish their profiles, and add items to their selling plans.  We approach all the multi-supplier eCommerce industry offers several advantages for both customers and suppliers.

We make this platform a hassle-free procedure that allows sellers to quickly submit and maintain their items. This type of platform is economical and web-friendly.

E-commerce has now claimed a large part of shopping and is a fast-growing sector. This business continuously promotes new concepts and enables distributors to improve sales.

What We Can Build? 

All sellers from the same market are interested in you. Build a market for sellers to deal with infinite shops and products. Create multi-seller innovation for your unique, integrated, and tailor-made modules.

The program is customized. We can build the application with these platforms (Lazada, Shopee, Qoo10). The Multi Products provider uploads and offers its products. We follow the five-step strategy in essence.

  1. MarketPlace Owner.
  2. Vendor.
  3. Multi-vendor Products.
  4. E-commerce Marketplace.
  5. Customers.

Characteristics Of Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Several freelance vendors in one shop

Sellers have full control of the management of articles, sales, invoicing, and shipments via an easy, customized dashboard.

The owner’s income

As the proprietor of an online multi-sales company, you earn a fixed fee for each order from vendors. There are two approaches to set up the commission:

  • On the basis of a predetermined selling amount, regardless of the whole cost of the products or services offered.
  • Based on the rate in percentage of the sale value of products/services.

Third-party software integration

Like a conventional online store, the required features of a multi-seller marketplace may be extended by modules from third parties. Shopify integration, delivery services, and payment systems are allowed.

Why Multi-Vendor MarketPlace?

An additional income stream

You may collect a commission on each of their sales by inviting new merchants into your marketplace. Create a set on-site commission rate or give seller rates that are linked to parameters such as several items and an established audience. Be prepared for your transaction charges and allow their sales to contribute to the maintenance cost of your site in general.

Full control over members

As the owner of the market, you decide what is shown on your website. Only those that suit the entire brand you’re developing can be accepted when you apply for new vendors. Suppliers acceptable for the WooCommerce dashboard can develop their own products, but you keep a quality check and only those you authorize will go live on the site.

Create their own products and control their own inventory

Providers have restricted access to WordPress dashboards for product development, uploading, pricing, and the most precise description of their goods. Seller also manages its own inventory figures, which means that the availability for visiting consumers is precise and updated immediately.

Sell anything

Vendors may now sell physical products, digital downloads, or both using this Application. You can give other options using extensions. This enables your suppliers to market their appointments and consultations.

Synchronized Order Management

Get stock activity from the marketplace in real-time. All channels update the stock levels automatically, thus enabling stock control, sales maximization, and oversees eradication.


I hope you’re all aware of the multi-selling marketplace. Would want to start your multi-selling market, talk to our expert team and see how we are able to make your concept a reality.

If you are looking to hire a developer for your Marketplace application, you can consult our development experts and understand how we can convert your idea into reality.

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