Progressive Web App Advantages And Disadvantages

PWA - Progressive Web App

Customers nowadays should be able to provide the best mobile experience for their visitors. Some companies thus opt not to apply native. We shall present another new technology called Progressive Web Apps in this post (PWAs). We discover how Progressive Web App operates, how they overcome the problems and weaknesses of PWA applications.

Progressive web apps (PWAs) are a fascinating technology that can revolutionize the way we create mobile and online applications. Some people may suggest though that PWA is only a website that’s turned into a mobile app, while some people argue about its capacity, safety, and performance.

So, This article explains the pros and cons of Progressive web apps, useful for your future web and mobile apps.

What Is Progressive Web App?

The progressive web app provides a user-like mobile experience. Therefore, the UX is tailored for the PWA device to provide the greatest information and features.

PWA is accessed by web users to enable consumers access to important native features, such as mobile home screen application, offline access, PWA notices of push

PWA allows web apps to load, synchronize and smoothly execute things when no network is present while giving your users a native experience.

Advantages Of Progressive Web App

PWAs are cheaper than other apps

Material has to be generated only once, which saves time and money by making content for iOS, Android and a website individually. In addition, PWAs need not be updated (some find this feature specifically cool). No new information needs to be downloaded by users. You don’t have to worry about their development if a PWA is operating.


When loading, the app should be bright and should be shut and open if there is not a network or a relatively low-speed network like 2G. Google discovered if the page was loaded longer than 3 seconds, that 53% of people left the website.

User friendly

You don’t depend on app stores with PWAs. Search engines and other platforms can find PWAs. You may also provide a PWA on social networks, on your homepage, or through another element of your ecosystem. However, app stores offer the benefit of being able to reach a wide public in one shot.


If we want to bring web apps closer to native applications, they must be installed and reside with other native applications on the home screen, so that the user can use PWA with only one click.

Splash Screen

Adds a splash screen upon starting the app to the progressive Web App. That makes the PWA more resemble a native application.

Highly engage-able

Users should remain engaged with the app. PWA offers features such as push notifications to help users glorify their commitment, home screen icon, the full screen, and offline-first app.

Disadvantage Of Progressive Web App

Drains battery power

Since the phones have to work harder to comprehend the code, as they are written in complicated codes. This is why PWAs use more battery compared to native applications. So, consumers don’t worry about their battery life anymore and may not have to download such an application.

Unable to access various device features 

PWAs do not have access to numerous functionalities on your smartphone, therefore they are behind native applications. No access to NFC devices and also Bluetooth devices, sophisticated camera settings and so much more is available to PWAs. This means that the application is less than optimal for users.

No access to app stores

You are not exposed in an Apple or Android application store as a corporation if you build a PWA. Apps are frequently identified since they appear on one of the renowned app marketplaces. Therefore, it is a significant drawback that this “springboard” cannot be used by a wider public.


Fewer and consequently less UX functionality. These web apps offer less functionality, unlike native apps. On Apple devices, iOS does not support complete PWAs functionality. 

This means that many users have restricted choices for PWAs, which is a pity. A lack of experience in UX (user experience) is a genuine loss at least as important in a world as the marketing of the product itself.

Lesser technical option

It is not possible to apply to PWAs all technical alternatives, such as Bluetooth or Near Field Communication (NFC). This implies that the applications you may have for your application are restricted. The question is whether PWAs can also make use of other future advances.


Using the Progressive Web App you have read the benefits and cons for development. In the end, it is vital that you have your application supported and solved problems on time by the proper PWA app development firm.

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