FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What kinda project you develop?

HasoTechnology has developed and delivered projects on various domains like eCommerce, Healthcare applications, POS applications, Cloud solutions, Omnichannel integrations, Marketplace applications, SAAS-based applications, CRM applications.

Do you provide any services apart from Software Development?

We are working to cover all kinds of digital needs for your clients including Digital Marketing. Apart from software development, we are now stepping into Digital Marketing solutions. 

Which area is your specialist?

HasoTechnology is a solution-oriented service provider. We will suggest proper technology solutions for your requirements and we have a strong team to serve it. Let it be a mobile application development or web application solution or desktop application-oriented solutions. We can serve on these platforms. To be very precise, we are strong on developing Web and Mobile based solutions including hybrid platforms. 

How much does it cost for a project?

The cost of the project purely depends on the requirements or the solutions that we are offering but if you are looking for a generic solution like an eCommerce platform it would cost USD 1300 to USD 2000 approximately.

How does it take to complete a project?

The development of a project period purely depends on the requirements but if you are looking for a simple eCommerce website for your store, we can get it delivered in 3 to 4 weeks. In the case of mobile apps, it will be in 5 to 6 weeks your app will be live in the play store/app store

What are the technologies your using?

We use MEAN stack and LAMP stack technologies to develop solutions.

Do you provide after support?

We will be Your Technology Partner - A Web and Mobile App Development Company There will be 3 months of free support after the delivery of the application if you are taking our support plan for one year. Support includes maintaining the server, any application-related queries if any bugs with real-time data fixes, minor feature development, continuous backup of data, etc.

Can you maintain our website?

Yes, we do maintain your websites.

How do you guarantee product quality?

We have our in-house Experienced Test Engineer who is responsible for the first level of testing directly from development. After getting clearance from the Test Engineer, there will be a review by the Project manager and followed by a Business analyst. After all these, before delivery, there will be a review by top management from HasoTechnology. With all these screening we ensure the project quality that we deliver.

What is your experience?

HasoTechnology has been in the software development industry since 2015. With a lot of experience in the industry, we are with a strong team that can handle and can provide solutions.

What details should I provide in a project specification?

Help us to understand

  • What kind of application are you looking for ?
  • What should be the purpose of the application?

A rough text of your requirements with above details is enough.


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