Field Management is hard to maintain by a person. We solve this crisis by developing an ionic and angular-based Mobile and Web application. With this application, it is easy to maintain the staff report.

About Aquarius

Can you remember the phonebook days? Where each number was identified a people could quickly communicate with others on the white pages? The
smartphone world altered the telephone book definition and made it harder to find and reconcile unfamiliar callers with the knowledge that you have forgotten.

This application shows the list of the client along with their location.Once you choose the client and location you’ll get the list of worker under it. By getting the location automatically you will able to avoid confusion and easy to monitor the staff of the particular location.

The staff name can be added. The list of the staff will be viewed and you can also edit, view, and delete the staff name. This helps you to maintain the staff according to the work.

The checklist provides the to-do list for the staff. The staff can mark or can describe the work they have done. It helps the staff to complete their task and keeping them more organized assuring them not to skip their work.

The staff can update their work. The reports can be uploaded in the form of image,signature, audio. The report of the staff can be uploaded in both mobile and web application. The Report can be downloaded, searched in the Web admin portal.

Technology We Used

Mobile application – Ionic

Web Admin panel – Angular

Why Need Aquarius

Easy Maintance.

Aviod the skipping on work

Aviod the skipping on work.

Make your work more clear and efficient for client.

Work report can be easily downloaded any time

Error control and avoid confusion over the staff work


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