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Manage the children’s vaccination online and make an appointment online. We make this possible by deploying a Web application.

Madurai Children Hospital - web application

About Madurai Children Hospital Application

This application specifically is used in hospitals to maintain the patient’s vaccination records, which is fairly significant. This application includes the SMS report, particularly the Weekly report, Patient’s details, and QR scanner for Online appointments.

Madurai children’s Hospital application is deployed for both web application and website. The web application maintains the patient’s details and their reports. Whereas websites used to get online appointments.

Patient’s Details

The patient’s details include the Name of the patient, Date of birth, mobile number, and their parent’s details. These will be used for patient registration. The appointments are made along with these details. This detail helps the hospital to maintain the patient’s record.

The patient’s vaccination list will be shown along with the due date to get the vaccination and the date of vaccination given to the patient. This helps maintain the vaccination record and to avoid confusion.

Patient's Detail
SMS Trigger

SMS Trigger

The SMS trigger is to remind the patient about their vaccination. The SMS trigger will be recorded in the SMS log. The SMS log includes the number of the patient, contact number, and the date of the SMS sent.  

The SMS trigger helps your patient to get vaccination on time. With this feature, you’ll not miss the vaccination. This helps to maintain the patient’s to get vaccination regularly.

Weekly Report

The Weekly report can be viewed from date to date. This helps you to maintain the patient’s report for a week. The weekly report enhances your performance to maintain the patient’s record in an easy way. The weekly record can be viewed at any time. You can get the patient’s record in no time.

weekly report


Appointments can be made online through the website. Online appointments can be done easily just by scanning the QR code. This makes it easy for the patients to make appointments. Through the website, you’ll be apparent to the people so they can approach the hospital. This makes an assurance to the people.

Technology We Used

Core PHP





Why Need Madurai Children Hospital Application

Easy Maintenance On The Patient’s Vaccination Record.

Easy Online Appointment.

Vaccination Remainder.

Avoid Confusion Where The Patient Is Vaccinated Or Not.


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