Calculating Laden and Unladen weight in the vehicle for the construction site might be difficult. We make it easy for you by providing a Web and mobile applications.

MRNS - web and mobile application

About MRNS Application

The MRNS application is to maintain the work on the construction site. This is a web and mobile application that includes the records of laden and unladen weight, material grade, material categories, thermal print, syncing data online.

The mobile application is deployed for the operator, supervisor whereas the web application is for the admin who has control over the operator and supervisor.  This application is mainly to maintain the record and to calculate the total weight. This application makes your work easy on the construction site.

For Mobile Application

For Operator


The operator can create a new record to maintain the material, vehicle number, supplier name, laden and unladen weight, quantity. By this, the record can be created without any error. These records can be viewed at any time.


The created record will be automatically or manually to the supervisor. This feature makes it easy for sharing the records between the operator and supervisor. With this, they can get the record at no time. Avoid manual errors while sharing the records.

MRNS A Web And Mobile Application

For Supervisor

MRNS A Web And Mobile Application


The records from the operators will be synced to them. They can view the record at any time. They get all records submitted by the operators. This feature will be useful for them to maintain the record for checking.


The submitted records will be approved or rejected either online or offline. This feature is mainly because of the construction site network. The work won’t be paused because of the network. They can continue their work without any disturbance.

Thermal Print

The approved records will be printed. With this, you can easily create the manual records in no time. This assures the record that can be printed in no time. You can print the approved record at any time.

Web Application

The web application is deployed for the admin who can maintain the whole. It includes the operators, supervisors, materials, and projects. They can manage these with the web application. They can save time and can maintain the report at any time. 

MRNS A Web And Mobile Application

Technology We Used




Why Need MRNS Application

Easy Way To Calculate The Total Weight.

Easy Billing.

Avoid Manual Errors.

Sync The Data Automatically Or Manually.

Maintain And Get The Records Automatically.

Avoid Confusion In Records By Approving And Rejecting.


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