Quill Search

Finding the details of the person must be difficult. Through Quill Search, you can
easily find the details you need.

About Quill

Connect and search people all over the world in a single touch. It can be used for individuals or enterprises. It is highly reliable and convenient to use for organizations. For each organization, the E-visiting card provides the personnel,professional and social information in one place with the organization profile picture.

Mobile Application

The profile allows the user to edit their details like mobile number, name and their company detail. This allows the user to create their E-visiting card.

This search bar makes users find the details of the person or the organization or the company they want. They can find the details just by entering the number or the name

Users not only can make calls but also they can chat through this. The call log of the user consists of the called numbers with time.

Users can upload the photo of their organization or company. They can choose whether their image wants to be in public or private.

The contact will be imported from the user phone to this application. The contact can be added or can be removed and also can be edited. The unwanted or Spam calls can be blocked.

Technology We Used

Native Android Application – Java, XML

Advantage Of Quill Search

We people are using a smartphone which is very helpful for daily life. We can search for anything in this world within a second.

Find the Unknown number in no time

Block the unwanted calls.

Avoid spam calls.


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