Restaurant POS

Managing the restaurant or the cafeteria is almost tiring thus we introduce  Restaurant POS which helps you to make the management easier and add profit to your business.

Restaurant POS

About Restaurant POS Application

Restaurant POS is a web application that is a complete point of sale software to manage your daily restaurant operations. It is designed to serve and assist the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry, restaurant management expedites every operation of the restaurant.

In this application, you can manage your restaurant’s easy billing, order management, dining management, managing the stock, and an eCommerce site. The main advantage of this application is it is bidirectional.

Food Order

Taking order manually takes your time and chances of making mistake is huge. But when the order is placed through an eCommerce application, saves your time. Order is directly sent to the kitchen server once it was taken. The order will be sent along with the table number. 

Mobile eCommerce App

Mobile Application

Restaurant POS eCommerce application is available for android. In this application after login, you will see the home page consists of a number of floors with an available table so it’ll be easy to know your availability. The orders will be taken through this application. 

Mini Screen

The mini screen is the duplicate screen of the admin screen that displays only the placed orders. The duplicate screen can be placed in the kitchen so that the chef can view the placed order.

mini screen
Bidirectional sync


The key advantage of this application is that it is bidirectional. When you update the F&B product on the POS screen it’ll directly be updated to the eCommerce site. It saves your time and work.

QR Scan

The customers can scan the QR code from the restaurant so that they can place the order along with the table number by themselves. Once the QR code is scanned you’ll be directed to the Food and beverages listed in categories and place the order in no time.

QR scan


The payment can be done both online and in cash. The online payment is done by HitPay. Your payment will be done in a quick and secure way. 

Technology We Used

Web Application

  • AngularJS
  • ReactJS
  • VueJS
  • CodeIgniter

Mobile Application

  • Ionic

Payment Method

  • HitPay

Why Need Restaurant POS Application

Multiple Device Synchronization

Multiple Order Type Selection Modes And Screens.

Easy Item Modifications And Updates.

Quick Order Lookup.

Comfortable Payment Screen.

Table Order Taking.

Reduce Waiting Time.

Error Control


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