RMC (Ready Mix Concrete)

A CRM sales application for managing the production, sales, delivery, and orders.
RMC is the Web and mobile application.

About RMC

RMC is a complete CRM project to exclusive sales app for the RMC segment enabling the salesperson to record his activity. This includes registering customer data for placing orders, invoicing details, and scheduling with their factory.

This communication makes the delivery process a streamlined systematic way of doing things.

Mobile Application

You can restrict the login time from when the user can log in to the organization.The login time will be restricted according to your convenience. For example, the time will be restricted from 7 am to 9 pm.

The calls are divided into four categories. New Calls, Scheduled Calls, Cold Calls,Rescheduled Calls. With this feature, you’ll differentiate the customer and won’t miss the customer call because it can be rescheduled according to their available

The order made will be recorded in this. It is easy to know about the orders placed and to be placed. There is reschedule order is along with this feature, the order can be rescheduled or can be reordered. The delivery status of the order and delivered order will be updated.

Once the order is delivered the signature of the receiver will be received. By this, you can check whether the order is placed with the right person. The order misplacement will be reduced.

Web Application

For Admin


The admin web application has all the control over the sales department and deliveries. It makes it easy to maintain the customers, sales, and deliveries. Since it collects the customer data and holds the consolidated reports.


The Target for the salesperson will be allocated through the web application. The sales and the salesperson will be under monitoring of admin. The admin can view the individual performance by the reports in a mobile application through the web application.


The delivery and vehicles are updated in the web application. The type of vehicle and the delivery person will be updated through the web application. The admin can view the total number of users and customers. Each branch has a separate admin web application. They can only monitor their branch.

For Production

They can monitor the orders like delivered orders, scheduled orders, the orders in process, and canceled orders through this. Customer data will be saved in this so the order can be reordered.

For Billing

For each order placed the bill will be generated. The bill can be both enabled and disabled while generating.

The Challenges

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