True ID

Identifying the unknown number must be challenging, thus you need a True ID application.

About True ID

Can you remember the phonebook days? Where each number was identified a people could quickly communicate with others on the white pages? The
smartphone world altered the telephone book definition and made it harder to find and reconcile unfamiliar callers with the knowledge that you have forgotten.

In the Contact forum, the user can add or delete a contact. Even they can edit their contacts. The most important part of this feature is that the unknown number can be searched

The incoming calls, outgoing calls, and missed calls will be recorded. The logs will be recorded with the user name as in your phone, mobile number, timing.

Once the application is installed the contacts from the user will be imported to this.Where they can view their contact in this application. You can ban the contact that you don’t need and also contacts can be marked as Spam so you’ll be aware of the contact.

With this pop-up feature, the name and number will be displayed on the pop-up.You can enable and disable this option.

Technology We Used

Native Android Application – Java, XML

Advantages Of True ID

Awesome data sources – The immediate benefit of a True ID application is how incoming calls and text messages are identified. So that ignore or even block future calls from the number

ID for both text and calls – It provides information on incoming calls and
messages and provides full knowledge of all correspondence types.

Block unwanted callers – You should also be able to decide which calls you
to get by having more power over your calls.

Detect and avoid spam – It also allows you to know if the individual or organization attempting to contact your phone has already been identified as a telemarketer, scammer, or an irritating caller.


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