Custom Made Software Development

With our experience, we deliver innovative and high-quality custom-made software(CMS) development services to our customers. HasoTechnology’s application development services solve your technological challenges and design the software according to it.

Custom Made Software

To meet the unique needs of a specific organization, we develop Custom Made Software(CMS) which is the process of designing and building software solutions. HasoTechnology provides custom software development services to deploy highly customized software with speed and quality.

Our expert custom software development services employ the most possible ideas and accurate practices to create custom software development solutions that reveal excellence. Custom software can stand out blockers to understand your service-based business. The key is to solve the right problem and build competitive strength.


Types Of Custom Software Development

Systems Of Custom Software Development

System CMS is used where a large programming library is used to create an app, which degree will a company use, depending on its specific needs and, to a certain extent, budget.

Modern Interface Applications

To decrease repeat code and better focus on developing code that caters to specific business needs utilized by the pre-developed libraries or development code.

Legacy or Fully Custom Software Development

According to the company’s requirements and specifications legacy software is entirely created from scratch.

Services We Provide With Custom Software Development

Custom Web Application Development

We create outstanding web applications. We develop CMS, practical solutions, smart designs, clean code, good architecture, and mostly we are devoted to the success of your company. We’ll develop, design, and support your web application.

Custom Made Software
Custom Made Software

Software Development

Your ideas of a technology product meet the most reliable engineering and refined technologies to develop you a software product well defined and derived to transform your concepts into an earnest program driven by the implied most active custom software services that are meant to deliver.

Third-party Customization

Our third-party integration services cover various mediator components and resources with your software solution. Even standalone products with constrained service scope require teaming up with extended service plug-ins and APIs at some point in time so it is important to have third-party integration.

Custom Made Software

Key Benefits of Custom Made Software

Designed To Your Exact Needs And Specifications

The most advantage implied by software provides is that it is developed to your exact needs. Ready-made software may have some advanced features and it is highly unlikely it will have all the functionalities you’ll need because it is meant to serve an all variety of businesses.

Customized Software Can Be Scaled Easily

Your business can be scaled easily because personalized software is built for specific businesses instead of a wide range, it can easily integrate with business and scale as the brand expands. They can communicate their needs to the custom software development companies they are working with. 


During the development process, Custom software can be planned and phased. Individual process flows can be automated over time to make development more affordable and available to even the smallest of businesses which are based on the budget and funds available to the company.

Go mobile

Having a mobile responsive design is important for any modern business. CMS software applications are often not adapted to mobile or remote connectivity, but custom software connectivity is given to virtually all devices, increasing the usability without interruption to workflow or processes.


Security is the most basic of all software development. Under some conditions, there is less possibility of security but CMS software is more likely to attract hackers and other unwanted entities can exploit them, making them exposed.

Technologies We Use to Deliver Custom Made Software


  • Angular
  • NodeJS

Web Technologies

  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Magento
  • WooCommerce
  • Yii
  • Framework
  • CodeIgniter

Mobile Technologies

  • Ionic


  • MySql
  • MongoDB
  • WordPress

Process We Make For Angular Application

Gather Requirements

Once the application is confirmed, we gather what requirements are needed for the development. It includes the design, client’s requirements, cost, time.

Choose Technology

Choosing technology is the most important task. Because based upon our technology we develop your application. We make sure that we will provide the best technology for your application.

Make mock UI

After getting the required information about the application, we build a dummy model that includes the application’s functionality in all aspects.

Define Rest APIs or Direct Implementation

To make a standardized architecture style for creating a Web Service API we use Rest APIs and sometimes we use direct implementation.


The development of the application according to the client’s needs. We develop applications with creative designs.

Why Choose Haso?

Dedicated Developer Team

We possess sufficient manpower and experience to tackle projects of any complexity for any business size. Based on the demands of a project, we can deploy full-time or part-time developers accordingly.

Quality Assurance

We develop each project as per high technology standards with a dedicated Quality analyst on board to carry out regressions and re-testing before delivery.

Client Satisfaction

Our success lies in your satisfaction. We work on the latest technologies and frameworks to provide you user-friendly business solutions according to your requirements.

On-time delivery

We strictly acquiesce to the settled deadlines while keeping the high-performing software quality.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We are here to help/assist you find responses to all your questions throughout.

What Is Custom Software Development?

To meet the specific need of the organization/business Custom software is developed as an individualized software solution. Along with the individual solution, Custom software is developed with unique, innovative solutions with capabilities and features beyond anything provided by a standard or off-the-shelf solution.

Why is customized software developed?

CMS is to speed up and increase the efficiency of your application that can help you boost revenue for your business. On off-the-shelf, you can’t get a high level of efficiency. To help your business gain momentum and competitive advantage the application is customized for a specific group of users.

How much does it cost to make Custom Software Development?

The cost of custom software development depends on your project’s scale and complexity shaped by multiple factors, such as Software type and the number of platforms supported, Number and complexity of software features, Design uniqueness, and complexity, Number and complexity of integrations with other software systems, Infrastructure requirements.

How does it take to complete a project?

The development of a project period purely depends on the requirements but if you are looking for a simple eCommerce website for your store, we can get it delivered in 3 to 4 weeks. In the case of mobile apps, it will be in 5 to 6 weeks your app will be live in the play store/app store.

Do you provide after support?

We will be Your Technology Partner - A Web and Mobile App Development Company There will be 3 months of free support after the delivery of the application if you are taking our support plan for one year. Support includes maintaining the server, any application-related queries if any bugs with real-time data fixes, minor feature development, continuous backup of data, etc.

Is customized software is a type of system software?

For example, custom software development is a system that is tailored to a certain organization’s demand. Although the software is not offered to the public, it is created by internal developers or through a third-party contract. To meet the business’s demands and requirements, the customized software has exclusive rights.

What are the advantages of custom-made software?

  • Tailor-made Solution. 
  • Return on Investment. 
  • Security Concerns. 
  • Flexibility.
  • Compatibility.
  • Easy to Operate.
  • Long-term Risks.

Why do you need custom software?

Innovating using custom software provides your firm an edge over the competition. For example, companies may utilize technology to acquire a competitive edge by boosting overall efficiency or by improving the user experience for their consumers, among other methods.


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