CRM Application Development

To get cover various customer touchpoints and offer customized functionalities that match your business requirements, use a full-featured and customized CRM Software DevelopmentAt HasoTechnology we help you to implement a complete CRM platform that is designed and developed customized just for you.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

It is a system in which customers’ data was centralized with t and ion/business which can be effectively utilized by multiple divisions within an organization like sales, marketing, customer service, and other support departments.

Improve customer service and sales by enabling multiple divisions to share data, coordinate better and create synergy. Making you adapt your marketing campaigns, the CRM system tracks buyer behavior, interests, and requirements in-depth.

HasoTechnology’s expert CRM developers provide an application that renders the best CRM solutions that help drive better customer interaction and attention by channelizing effective communication between your enterprise and end-users.


Types Of CRM

Before you decide on the approach to create your business-specific app, it is important to learn about its types. Let’s take a look at the various types of CRM systems available.

Strategic CRM

Customers’ voice is important for business thus Strategic CRM which the business puts the customers first. To come up with better value propositions for the customer it collects, divides, and applies information about customers and market trends.

Strategic CRM
operational crm

Operational CRM

Operational CRM is centralized to support business processes such as marketing, selling, and services. It includes some automation SalesForce Automation, Marketing Automation, and Service Automation.

Analytical CRM

Analytical CRM stands for the systematic electronic analysis of collated customer data. It also contains internal business data such as Sales Data, Finance Data, and Marketing Data. It provides detailed analytics and customized reports.

Analytical CRM
Collaborative CRM

Collaborative CRM

Collaborative CRM is of resources and strategies between separate businesses for identifying, acquiring, developing, retaining, and maintaining valuable customers by interacting with them. It is to scenarios, where they can conduct product development, market research, and ting jointly.

What Are The CRM Services We Offer?

Custom CRM Development Solutions

We offer custom CRM development services that secure your marketing campaigns strategy any and increase the number of customers. 

We establish technology that provides direct access to customer information, which is essential for evaluating marketing strategies and customer service processes.

Custom CRM Development Solutions
CRM Implementation

CRM Implementation

Haso’s Custom CRM software developers have the skills to provide high-performing CRM implementation services. To enhance customer engagement and to improve the applications’ performance, we provide you CRM implementation services.

By following the proper preparation and establishing marketing campaigns strategy step-by-step development process and maintenance services, we implement CRM for your application.

CRM Integration Services

To make your website function smoothly we offer CRM integration to build your application. Instead of using customer information based on manual entries, we integrate CRM into your website automation software brings customer information directly into your CRM. 

Highly scalable and performing custom CRM development and Integration services by Haso’s expert CRM developers, here you will find solutions to your every business need.

CRM Integration Services
CRM Mobile Apps

CRM Mobile Apps

It is easier to connect systems to a variety of users with  CRM mobile applications. Customers prefer Mobile CRM because of its custom relationship management data. Grasping from users’ fondness for mobile CRM, the prevalence of these apps will likely expand steadily.

Key Benefits of CRM Software

Automatic Data Entry

The main advantage of CRM is automatic data entry with this your team will never have to spend time logging emails, calls, meetings, and interactions all of this information will be automatically collected and assembled within the system.


The manual process can be replaced with a well-implemented CRM system which creates significant organizational inefficiencies. Not only do CRM systems create efficiency but also by reducing the use of inefficient processes.

Organize Contact Data

Every contact, no matter their buyer’s journey stage CRM allows your team to keep them tracked. The team will be able to see if a contact visited your company website, downloaded content from the site, or spoke with another member of your sales team already.

Scale Your Sales Processes Over Time

CRM will provide your sales team centralized to keep track of leads, prospects, and customers over any duration of time and allow you to review specific activities like emails, calls, and meetings booked.

Increases Customer Revenues

CRM data assures an effective marketing campaigns strategy and makes it possible to filter the data and establish promotions to those who haven’t purchased particular products. 

Process We Make For CRM Application Development

Gather Requirements

Once the application is confirmed, we gather what requirements are needed for the development. It includes the design, client’s requirements, cost, time.

Choose Technology

Choosing technology is the most important task. Because based upon our technology we develop your application. We make sure that we will provide the best technology for your application.

Make mock UI

After getting the required information about the application, we build a dummy model that includes the application’s functionality in all aspects.

Define Rest APIs or Direct Implementation

To make a standardized architecture style for creating a Web Service API we use Rest APIs and sometimes we use direct implementation.


The development of the application according to the client’s needs. We develop applications with creative designs.

Why Choose Haso?

Dedicated Developer Team

We possess sufficient manpower and experience to tackle projects of any complexity for any business size. Based on the demands of a project, we can deploy full-time or part-time developers accordingly.

Quality Assurance

We develop each project as per high technology standards with a dedicated Quality analyst on board to carry out regressions and re-testing before delivery.

Client Satisfaction

Our success lies in your satisfaction. We work on the latest technologies and frameworks to provide you user-friendly business solutions according to your requirements.

On-time delivery

We strictly acquiesce to the settled deadlines while keeping the high-performing software quality.

why choose us

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We are here to help/assist you find responses to all your questions throughout.

Which industry Uses CRM?

  • Retail Industry
  • Banking
  • Hotels
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Consulting

How much time will a custom CRM software project take to complete?

The time taken to complete the project depends on the requirements of your business. Once you hire a developer for CRM services, we will provide an estimated time frame after thoroughly analyzing your business objectives.

When it comes to CRM, is SQL the same thing as CRM?

It is possible to store enormous quantities of data in a CRM system that uses SQL. As compared to certain proprietary CRM databases that use proprietary database engines, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and MySQL offer significantly superior performance.

Why should I choose custom CRM development?

Custom CRM software enables you to get detailed insights into your business, evaluate your market, tailor your marketing and sales strategies, automate your marketing workflow, and use advanced reporting tools for forecasting and analysis.

What sort of database is it?

In order to effectively manage your contacts, a CRM (customer relationship management) database might be used. The fact that many of these databases are hosted in the cloud means that teams may access contact information at any time and from any location. The fact that CRMs are one of the most popular sales tools should come as no surprise to anyone who uses them.

What is a CRM strategy, and why is it important?

Using a mix of procedures, activities, and technology, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy aims to increase sales and enhance customer service.

What makes a good customer relationship management system (CRM)?

A good CRM makes it easier to collect and analyze your data, which is why it’s so important. The ability to obtain real-time data should be simple so that you can react swiftly to unforeseen situations quicker Your reports should be customizable so that you may examine historical sales patterns, refocus current efforts, and develop a stronger plan.


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