Our services on DevOps development, improve the quality of software solutions and build cross-functional development teams driven by collaboration.
HasoTechnology provides a complete server setup, setting up continuous integration and continuous deployment and monitoring the server.

DevOps Development


DevOps stands for Development Opportunities, quality, and functionality. Application development from DevOps helps to reduce infrastructure management complexity.

You can enhance software supply speed and increase the team’s productivity by using agile DevOps. With Haso’s DevOps expert developers, we provide applications with high scalable and better performance.

HasoTechnology provides services to customers, that include many capabilities like iterative and incremental development, on-demand task management, lightweight architecture, safety, and automatic testing methodologies.

Why Do We Need DevOps Application?

Maximize Efficiency with Automation

Greater efficiency can speed up and make the development process less susceptible to errors. DevOps tasks can be automated. Continuous server integration automates the code testing process and reduces the needed level of manual effort.

Maximize Efficiency with Automation
Reduced human errors

Reduced Human Errors

By using numerous iterations, DevOps lowers the risks of human mistakes during the process of development and operations. Decrease the application failure rate in a given timeline with several applications in the process.

Reduced Time

A major argument for DevOps is that your product can be deployed more quickly with simplified procedures, appropriate automation, methodical release planning, and more. Faster marketing time implies that you can outdo your competition.

Reduced Time
Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

DevOps assists businesses in enhancing customer happiness, innovation, and digital transformation, adaptability, and fostering mutual understanding across corporate divisions.

Better resource management

Developers and testing companies are continuously awaiting resources during the application and software development phases to cause delivery delays. Agile with DevOps means that app development is considerably faster than existing operations throughout the testing phase.

Better resource management

What Services do We Provide?

Integration and Deployment

With continuous integration, our experts offer efficient DevOps development solutions. We ensure that every software change is automatically implemented into production through continuous deployment. To provide excellent service with accuracy, we employ agile techniques.

eCommerce DevOps Solution

DevOps methodology functions as a bridge between the development team and the operations team. With haso’s expertise, you’ll be able to achieve the goal of frequent and fast deployment in close alignment to customer requirements, DevOps focuses on improved communication, collaboration, and performance.

SaaS DevOps

With SaaS DevOps, we provide software that achieves strategic goals faster and offers a better user experience. Standing out in the competitive SaaS market with DevOps. We provide the SaaS application with high performance and scalability.

DevOps Consulting Services

You may improve the development process of your DevOps with us. We will guide you about the newest technology and assess your company’s needs so that you can get creative results. We are responsible for evaluation, general management, and automation.

Technologies We Use to Deliver eCommerce Services


  • Angular
  • Node.Js

Web Technologies

  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Magento
  • Woocommerce
  • Yii Framework
  • CodeIgniter

Mobile Technologies

  • Ionic


  • MySql
  • MongoDB
  • WordPress

Process We Make For Mobile Application

Gather Requirements

Once the application is confirmed, we gather what requirements are needed for the development. It includes the design, client’s requirements, cost, time.

Choose Technology

Choosing technology is the most important task. Because based upon our technology we develop your application. We make sure that we will provide the best technology for your application.

Make mock UI

After getting the required information about the application, we build a dummy model which includes the functionality of the application in all aspects.

Define Rest APIs or Direct Implementation

To make a standardized architecture style for creating a Web Service API we use Rest APIs and sometimes we use direct implementation.


The development of the application according to the client’s needs. We develop E-commerce applications with creative designs.

Why Choose Haso For DevOps Application?

Dedicated Developer Team

We possess sufficient manpower and experience to tackle projects of any complexity for any business size. Based on the demands of a project, we can deploy full-time or part-time developers accordingly.

Quality Assurance

We develop each project as per high technology standards with a dedicated Quality analyst on board to carry out regressions and re-testing before delivery.

Client Satisfaction

Our success lies in your satisfaction. We work on the latest technologies and frameworks to provide you user-friendly business solutions according to your requirements.

On-time delivery

We strictly acquiesce to the settled deadlines while keeping the high-performing software quality.

why choose us



The young team’s fresh and creative ideation enabled them to listen well and deliver on-site goals and vision. Their responsive communication and cost-effectiveness earned further trust.

Bala murugan Managing Director, Siva Groups
lion_logo (2)

HasoTechnology delivered both projects successfully. In addition to their technical and business knowledge, the team is characterized by open-mindedness and a strong commitment to service.

Subbramanian Meenakshisundaram, Managing Partner, Balanetra Technologies

The website is smooth and intuitive; the clients are pleased. HasoTechnology has a young team that is still learning, but that makes up for it with their creative approach to development and project management. They respond quickly and take suggestions well

Suhan Selvan, Cloud Administrator, Wharfedale Technologies

The friendliness of the team members and their attitude towards taking change requests were impressive.CEO, Internet Company.

CEO, Internet Company

Their team's dedication and passion have helped in the project's success.Founder, ABI Health.

Founder, ABI Health
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