eCommerce Integration With Lazada & Shopee

To reach more customers and make your eCommerce site get high traffic, make eCommerce integrate to your site with eCommerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee. With HasoTechnology’s expert developers we integrate your eCommerce site.

Lazada and Shopee Integration

Lazada and Shopee are some of the best eCommerce platforms. eCommerce Integration to your eCommerce site with these Platforms make your site reach its target customers. This allows you to gain more control over your online shopping sites. 

The integration process becomes easy and quick with the Lazada and Shopee integration solution. You will be able to automate order processing as well as smoothly manage your store. Hire HasoTechnology’s expert developer to get your eCommerce site integrated with Lazada and Shopee.

eCommerce integration
eCommerce integration

What Is eCommerce API Integration?

eCommerce integration will automatically sync your accounting, inventory, sales, and marketing to the eCommerce Platform. By integrating your online shopping site with the eCommerce Platform you can sell your product on more than one platform like Lazada and Shopee.

On integration, you just need to upload your product on one platform which automatically gets synced and published on other platforms. It is easy to manage your stack, sales, marketing by this integration. For those who want more customers and want to be a more recognized site, they must integrate their site.

Why Need eCommerce Integration?

Saves Time

Since the integration automatically syncs the products it saves time and errors. eCommerce integration saves a lot of time for retailers by providing them a platform where they can keep track of the records of the movement of the products from the warehouse till it reaches the customers.


Highly Securable

eCommerce integration is highly secured cause orders placed on your website will be automatically transferred to your system in real-time and without any manual support and resist duplicate data entry.  It’s fast, consistent, and error-free.

Easy To Maintain

After integrating the website and web store in the same system means you don’t need a large development team to make quick changes. Whenever you want you can log in and update products and content yourself. This makes it easier for maintenance.


Better Customer Services

Your customer has more transparency of the operations like tracking, inventory, and so on after integration. This gives them trust and a more involved feel and in turn, offers credibility to your company.

Saves Money

It automatically gives you web sales information from time to time, it allows you to forecast and plan the inventory accordingly and more accurately. With the integrated eCommerce software, you can have the benefits of error-free data and keep on time on manual information submission.


What Are The Key Feature Of This Integration?

Automatic Sync On Sales & Inventory

Integration to Shopee and Lazada leads you to control the inventory from one place and have it synced across all the channels. Across the channels, your online orders and stock balance are automatically synced.


Stock Balance

With an automated process stock levels across online stores will be 100%  accurate. If the stock is maintained balanced there is no more overselling and underselling.

E-mail Notification

Get an email alert as soon as you receive any new orders on Lazada and Shopee. Stay updated with email notifications and receive regular updates of new and rejected orders.


Technologies We Use to Deliver eCommerce Integration


  • Angular
  • NodeJS

Web Technologies

  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Magento
  • WooCommerce
  • Yii
  • Framework
  • CodeIgniter

Mobile Technologies

  • Ionic


  • MySql
  • MongoDB
  • WordPress

Process We Make For eCommerce Integration

Gather Requirements

Once the application is confirmed, we gather what requirements are needed for the development. It includes the design, client’s requirements, cost, time.

Choose Technology

Choosing technology is the most important task. Because based upon our technology we develop your application. We make sure that we will provide the best technology for your application.

Make mock UI

After getting the required information about the application, we build a dummy model that includes the application’s functionality in all aspects.

Define Rest APIs or Direct Implementation

To make a standardized architecture style for creating a Web Service API we use Rest APIs and sometimes we use direct implementation.


The development of the application according to the client’s needs. We develop applications with creative designs.

Why Choose Haso?

Dedicated Developer Team

We possess sufficient manpower and experience to tackle projects of any complexity for any business size. Based on the demands of a project, we can deploy full-time or part-time developers accordingly.

Quality Assurance

We develop each project as per high technology standards with a dedicated Quality analyst on board to carry out regressions and re-testing before delivery.

Client Satisfaction

Our success lies in your satisfaction. We work on the latest technologies and frameworks to provide you user-friendly business solutions according to your requirements.

On-time delivery

We strictly acquiesce to the settled deadlines while keeping the high-performing software quality.

why choose us

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We are here to help/assist you find responses to all your questions throughout.

Most beneficial Shopee and Lazada Seller are in?

Countries in Southeast Asia like Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore can be the best place to start selling to gain maximum benefits.

Benefits of integrating Lazada and Shopee with your site?

One great way to increase the visibility of your Shopee shop, boost sales, immediately grow traffic & gain buyer trust is by linking your Lazada and Shopee shop to your site.

How will the eCommerce integration boost up the traffic?

After integration, the visibility of your site will be increased along with customer usage will gradually increase. Thus it will boost up your site.

How does API works?

API is the messenger that delivers your request to the provider that you’re requesting it from and then delivers the response back to you.

Should your eCommerce be integrated?

You can operate from one place since it incorporates the functions of production, inventories, orders, financials, customer relationship management (CRM), and other similar features into one huge system. Not only can it assist with internal communications, but it may aid increase income.

Do you have access to Shopee's API?

Powerful API and push  webhook functionality

It comes with a robust API that lets you handle nearly anything from items to shipping to orders.

Why is it necessary to have an eCommerce platform?

Ecommerce platforms provide clients their first impression of an organization and allow firms to deliver tailored representations of some of their accessible material, as well as operate more agilely, according to Kingstone’s analysis of the technology.

What are the benefits of using fully integrated eCommerce platforms?

  • Provides a superior product and service.
  • Up-to-date information and inventory management.
  • Amplify the customer’s journey.
  • Delivery of orders on time.
  • Budgeting and money.

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